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About CDA

Here at CDA, we believe that advertising is a partnership. It is an alliance made between cutting edge art and clever exposure. CDA offers a perfectly orchestrated mixture of expertise and craft, underlining our clienteles’ goals. Our services aim to highlight your own, using exceptionally designed strategies, which will deliver an insightful hook striking a relationship between the client and the consumer. CDA prides itself for having an exceptionally versatile team of talented individuals. The creative genius of our designers engages directly with the perceptive mind of our experienced executives, bringing together a new height of principles and values. Take part in a high end experience, and let’s create superior advertising, together.


We understand that every client has different needs and resources, so we offer an approach that’s tailored just for them. We create ideas that engage customers, build brands and increase sales.


To be the marketing agency of choice for business firms serious about growing. We assist our clients in achieving their brand vision by providing them with a level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations.

Our Services

By building meticulously strategized campaigns and expanding brand awareness, we reach a wide span of consumers, and increase sales and shares through our extensive understanding of the market potential.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Creative

We create engaging concepts and ideas that are custom-­‐made for the targeted channel.
CDA’s work brings brimming messages to life through turning good ideas into exceptional ones, and vocalizing brands with style and flavor.

We believe that a brand should establish its essence quality in the heart and the mind of the consumer, thus creating a powerful and distinctive preference that gives the brand praise and favoritism over the long run.
Building our brand-­‐awareness campaigns around the core of this idea, we break through the white noise and engage with the audience at all times.

We take design to the next level where others stand idle at color and typeface.
Our innovative design team is centered on problem solving in its most glorious form.

We believe creativity is a desire and a passion to simply create something smart and exceptional. It is invention, and curiosity. It is the marriage of imagination and execution, thinking and doing.
We create vivid memories, and raise eyebrows. We make people stop what they’re doing, and pay attention.

  • Event Management
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Strategy & Planning

We run a full-­‐scale event service that spans from planning to execution and management .
Our detailed plans include budgeting, establishing timelines, reserving event sites, acquiring permits, planning food, coordinating transportation and developing a theme.
We also guarantee the selection of an ideal speaker and keynote, as well as arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risks, and developing contingency plans.

Our media analysts don’t shy away from the difficult questions, they face them. From finding that first target insight to building innovative plans, they figure out what works and what doesn’t, and proceed gracefully without having to compromise between creativity and strength.
Our advanced audience targeting system and our groundbreaking attribution technology ensures our reach to the specified audience tailored to your needs, as well as stretching our spread to new audiences through research and insight.
By optimizing our campaigns through predictive bidding and measuring results through performance reports, we secure our strategic development and advancement.

Our social media scheme revolves around creating a meaningful and positive hub between our clients and their audience. We engage in campaigns and conversation platforms, advocacy programs, community building and management, social application, conversation response and reputation management.
By keeping the consumer aligned and gratified with the brand image, we ensure satisfaction for all parties.

CDA’s multi-­‐dimensional marketing strategy identifies a business’ current strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and is built accordingly.
We tackle promotional material, advertising, corporate image, public relations activity, Internet strategy and customer service.

Our Work

Our work is as diverse as the aspirations of our clients. It is made with passion and curved with know how. All of it, to inspire reasons to love your brand. It’s so simple and yet so difficult.